A Groom's Guide to Nailing Wedding Attire, Suit Up for the Big Day

A Groom's Guide to Nailing Wedding Attire, Suit Up for the Big Day

 F.Saarti Wedding Suits

‘The man who wants his wedding garments to suit him must allow plenty of time for measure” – Edward Bulwer-Lytton

This is one of our favorite quotes because we all know brides put a lot of time and effort into finding the right wedding dress. But what is less-known is that like the bride, the groom who wants to look his best on his wedding day, also puts in a lot of time and effort. After all it is his big day.

The Importance of a Great Suit

At F.Saarti we believe that a suit is more than just a suit. It’s a representation of you. It’s your taste, your uniqueness, your values and your personality. Want to look and feel confident and successful? Fun and outgoing? Well your suit is the complementary accessory needed for that.

The Right Suit Just For You

We believe that weddings are precious. We believe that each wedding is unique and each groom is different. This is where our one-on-one consultation comes in. When a groom gives us his trust to make him look sharp, we put in all the efforts into finding the right suit just for him. And this goes beyond just taking measurements and asking him what he likes.

The Full F.Saarti Experience

It’s a full tailoring experience, personalized for each groom by appointment. All our focus is on the groom alone, to create the absolute best outcome. Now let us tell you a bit about how it goes.

How it goes

I. Gathering Information

It starts with getting familiar with the wedding theme and vibe. For example, if you’re getting married in the city and the event is more on the formal side, you’ll want a smart suit that’s more “special day” than “everyday.” However if your wedding is taking place in a winery or a garden venue, that’s a whole different story. You want something that makes you look good, that’s appropriate for the occasion, and that compliments whatever your bride is wearing.

II. Our Input

Second comes the tips as well as our personal opinion about every option. With more than 60 years of experience, we will guide you with all our know-how, you will get advice from the Saartis and from our expert tailors. You will understand everything you need to know about suits, materials, styles and fabrics. You will understand the difference between a suit and a tuxedo and you will get a grip on all things menswear. Finally, you will definitely understand why we are keeping the Saarti legacy alive after all these years.

III. What We Offer

Our ultimate goal is to make you feel as good as one can be. When you look good, you feel good. Getting a suit and altering the chest and waist accordingly is easy. But that’s all it is; easy. We usually go for the perfect fit, using the finest Italian and European fabrics with optional custom-made groom embroidered.


A little bit about us!

F.Saarti is a legacy that started in 1960 when Joseph Saarti, one of the top tailors back in his era, opened the first Saarti boutique in Downtown Beirut. Under the leadership of Fouad Saarti, the founder’s son, several F.SaartiI boutiques were inaugurated in Lebanon until 1977.

Today, we welcome you to our boutique in Sin El Fil – Blvd Fouad Chehab.

Call us for a personalized appointment on 03 291 211.

Our tailors are eager to make your wedding fit top-notch :)

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