A Foolproof Guide to Creating Your Men's Wardrobe, Dress to Impress

A Foolproof Guide to Creating Your Men's Wardrobe, Dress to Impress

Fashion is a playground up until a certain age. Then you have to find your own signature and your own style.” — Nicolas Ghesquière

What’s the difference between style and fashion anyway? In simple words we can say that style relates to the individual, while fashion is more collective. Personal style is something that belongs to you as an individual—a means of self-expression - it is timeless. Fashion on the other hand, is related to the latest trends, the popular ways of dressing during a specific era— it is ephemeral.

Now that we’ve got this covered, let’s begin with a few tips on how to create the perfect menswear wardrobe.

Step 1: Create a Checklist

First thing you want to do is to create a quick checklist of items worth investing in depending on your career, hobbies and personal needs. To achieve the perfect list, you must go through your current wardrobe and group items as such:

1. Most-worn items
2. Pieces you haven’t worn in a long time
3. Items that don’t fit nicely

Letting go of old clothes is indeed necessary. It’s the first step in developing your style before perfecting it. Donating them to people in need is a good idea.

Step 2: Understand the Rules of Dressing

In the next step, you have to understand your style and needs. Understand the rules of dressing well; what makes you look good depending on your weight, height and skin tone. For example, garment features that help a tall man look more proportional include a smaller pocket above the right side pocket on the jacket, larger trouser cuffs, a jacket that’s 1.8 to 2.5cm past the bottom curve of the backside (to help cut the leg line), and details such as pocket squares. You can always pass by us at F.Saarti for some expert tips and guidance.

Now since you’re here, let’s give you some general rules depending on your type and needs.

The Casual Man’s Must-Haves

● 1 Suit & 2 Ties
● 1 Pair Dress Shoes
● 2 Pair Casual Leather Shoes
● Belts that match the shoes
● 10+ Shirts (tailored, contrast stitching, unique fabrics)
● 2 Pairs of Slacks, Dark & Light
● 4 Pairs of well-fitted Jeans
● 6+ Button-up collared sport shirts
● 2 Solid Polo Shirts
● 6 Sweaters
● 1+ Sports Jacket – unique style or fabric
● 5+ Pocket Squares

The Professional’s Must-Haves

● 6+ Suits
● 3+ Pair Shoes
● 2 Pair Casual Leather Shoes
● Belts that match the shoes
● 15+ Shirts
● 15+ Ties
● 1 Pair jeans that fits nicely
● 4 Pairs of Slacks, Dark & Light
● 4+ Button-up collared sport shirts
● 2+ Solid Polo Shirts
● 5+ Sweaters
● 2+ Sports Jackets
● 1 Navy Blazer
● 10+ Pocket Squares
● 1 Trench-coat
● Presentable Athletic Clothing

Good grooming is integral and impeccable style is a must. As Marc Jacobs once said “Clothing is a form of self-expression - there are hints about who you are in what you wear.” Fashion fades but style is forever. By following this simple guide above, you’ll be diving into the first step into shaping and sharpening your style to perfection.

For further help, you can always come to the Saartis for advice about anything menswear, we’ll be more than happy to guide you thoroughly.


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